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Residential and commercial dishwasher repair

Each year, a dishwasher saves you hundreds of hours in tedious work. The average family uses their dishwasher twice, or even three times per day, making it an essential part of day to day life, saving you time for the things you love. If yours breaks, a dishwasher serviceman may be expensive in Mississauga.

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Affordable Rates
  • Same-Day Repair Service
  • Highly Skilled Technicians

We service all kinds of dishwashers

Mississauga Appliance Repair provides comprehensive appliance services. Our professionally licensed repairmen are always certified to diagnose, repair, and install, all types and brands of dishwashers. The most common types we service includes:

  • Built-in dishwashers
  • Double dishwashers
  • Portable dishwashers
  • Countertop dishwashers
emergency dishwasher repair
same day appliance repair

We can solve any kind of dishwasher issue

Our technicians are experienced and capable of fixing all appliance issues. Mississauga Appliance Repair only uses brand new, cutting-edge components, so that your appliance can reach its full potential. The most common dishwasher issues we fix includes:

  • Dishwashers that are not draining
  • Dishwashers that are not cleaning properly
  • Dishwashers that are leaking
  • Dishwashers that are not turning on
Mississauga dishwasher repair
dishwasher repair leaking in Mississauga

Choose Mississauga Appliance Repair

Quality & Reliable Service at Reasonable Price


In case of emergency, Mississauga Appliance Repair will be there fast! Our staff work 24/7, including weekends, and holidays, to book your same day repair. If you need service today, call right now to book an appointment.


As professional technicians, we never compromise our quality standards. We are licensed and certified on all varieties of appliances, and train to stay up to date on the latest technologies. We only use the highest quality parts, to ensure your appliance lasts its full potential.


Affordability is key, and we want to make sure that every family in Mississauga has access to quality repair services. We are committed to transparent pricing, and our technicians always recommend the cheapest possible solution available. If you go through with our repair, we even drop our service call fee.


Appliance repair can be expensive, but we offer the cheapest possible solution. All seniors and first-time customers qualify for up to $30 OFF on all repair services! Returning customers can save up to $15 OFF on their next repair. Just check out our coupons page, and follow the instructions to redeem a cost saving discount for your repair!

Customer reviews

What others say about Mississauga Appliance Repair


For the last three weeks I’ve been struggling to get a repair guy in to fix my dryer. I have already called 3 companies before I found Mississauga Appliance Repair. They came right away the same day, and within a few hours, they fixed my dryer and even dropped their service call charge! If you ever need a fast and cheap appliance repair, these guys are the best ones I’ve found so far.



A couple days ago my fridge broke, and I decided to compare 4 companies to see who would offer the best price. The first three came and gave me a quote for half the cost of my fridge to fix the leak. Then when I called Mississauga Appliance Repair, their technician gave me a quote for hundreds of dollars less than the average of all the other companies! I definitely trust them from now on, they give honest quotes, so if you need a repair, try them first.



My dishwasher started leaking and for a long time I refused to get it checked. I just kept putting a towel under, but it started to leak through the floor. My friend came in to look at it and he told me to check out Mississauga Appliance Repair. They sent a technician just three hours after I called, and they had my dishwasher fully fixed by the end of the day. The best part, it was so much cheaper than I expected. I’m always going to trust these guys with my repairs from now on.


Licensed Repair of All Appliance Brands in Mississauga

General Electric

Dishwasher repair in Mississauga

Unfortunately, buying new units is even less economical, especially when manufacturers use cheaper parts than older generations. Luckily, Mississauga Appliance Repair has your back, providing the efficient, affordable, and expert answer to any problem. You do not have to take us at our word, you can check out what our clients are saying about us in their Google reviews online!

Our certified technical professionals provide comprehensive dishwasher diagnostic, repair, and installation, for any make or model of appliance, and will fix leaking dishwashers anywhere in Mississauga and the surrounding area. Each of our repairmen are professionally licensed to fix all gas and electric, residential, and commercial appliances. We service over 60 brands, like Samsung, LG, Kitchenaid, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, GE, Bosch, Electrolux, and more.

Your local appliance repairmen

We know trust is essential for any relationship, especially when choosing in-home repair. As a local company, we prioritize quality over quantity. Each local repairman is more than an employee, they are your closest neighbours, family, or friends.

As members of the local Mississauga community, you can trust our local dishwasher technicians are dedicated to client satisfaction and affordability. That is why we offer up to $30 OFF when you fix your dishwasher with us, because in Mississauga, every family deserves quality. If you go through with our dishwasher repair, we will cancel our service call fee.

High quality standards

Each repairman is qualified to work with all units, including gas, and electric, commercial, and residential types. We always use brand new, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) certified components, to guarantee your unit reaches the maximum potential.

Emergency repair

When you need emergency dishwasher repair, we are here for you. Our team works 24/7, including holidays, to provide the fastest dishwasher service available, to repair your leaking dishwasher anytime you need us. For an urgent diagnosis in Mississauga today, call now to book your same day appliance repair. We will send our experts to your door anywhere in Mississauga or the surrounding area.

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To give us a call: (289) 203-7592

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Call now for quality dishwasher repair, we will fix all leaking dishwashers, anywhere in Mississauga!

Areas we service

We service all 22 neighborhoods of Mississauga: Applewood, Central Erin Mills, Churchill Meadows, Credit Valley, Clarkson/Lorne Park, Cooksville, East Credit, Erin Mills, Erindale, Fairview, Hurontario, Lakeview, Lisgar, Malton, Meadowvale, Meadowvale Village, Mineola, Mississauga Valleys, Port Credit, Rathwood, Sheridan, Streetsville. If you have any questions about our area coverage, please do not hesitate to call!

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To give us a call: (289) 203-7592

To email us: [email protected]


Mississauga Appliance Repair is dedicated to quality, efficient and affordable services.

Our repairmen are ready and certified to help you anywhere in Mississauga or the surrounding area. You can call us 24/7, including weekends and holidays, to book your same-day appointment.

Every technician is fully licensed and trained to handle all appliance issues. We do diagnosis, repairs, or installations for any make or model of appliance, including gas and electric, residential and commercial units. and when you choose to go through with our repair, we will drop our service call fee.

Have questions? We are ready to answer them.

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